We here at CeedenSolutions, monitor the design and manufacture of products and ensure the delivery of the products to the customer as per the demand. Are exclusive customer support team are here to hear from you and enhance the quality of our products and promise highest customer experience.

Our team:
We have a team specialized in product selection headed by our proprietor Mr. Manoj Murugesan B.E, P.G.D.BS what’s has an experience in the banking sector and also in the sales and marketing sector. The emphasis is entirely on customer needs and to ensure the product is suited accordingly.

Our product delivery team has been trained as per the International Trade guidelines to ensure that all the rules and regulation as per the International chamber of commerce as well as the laws of the Importer/ Exporter country and the Government of India. The team under the supervision of Mr. Annamalai B.E has been proving efficient with the international trade business.

Associative support is being provided by our IT team to assist support and seamless contact with our International customers and major businesses across the globe and also supportive in the global tracking of the products during transit.

Our Sales and Marketing team is interested in acquiring top quality products in the same and wider sectors for the Indian market. We have also been associated with brands like Flowoid for the development of couture products.